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A game from the heart of Africa !

Urubugu, also called igisoro or ikibuguzo, is a game from Africa. It belongs to mancala games big family, which are seeding games where seeds are to be placed in pits according to rules that appear quite simple, but turn out to be extremely rich and subtle. Urubugu is a very popular game in Burundi and in Rwanda.

This millenium-old game is now available on iPhone, iPad and Mac !

If you want to equal the skills of the elders, you will have to learn to anticipate, to think quickly, and to adapt to the constant changes of the board... This is a game for two players, but you can also play alone against the computer !


Urubugu for iOS

Designed for iOS version 9.0 and higher.

Urubugu for macOS

Designed for macOS version 10.11 (El Capitan) and higher.
(The app on iPad and iPhone)
(The app on Mac)
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